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Maruyama Sapporo Hokkaido Japan

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Kirara Acupuncture & Moxibustion Clinic in Sapporo Maruyama

Address: Pastorale Maruyama 101,
5-10,  Nishi-28(Nijyuhachi)-Choume,
Kita-1(Ichi)-Jou,  Chuou-Ku,  Sapporo-City
Zip 064-0821

Phone: 011-522-8861

Ask mail bottun for English

   We accept Resevation Only.   Phone or Mail please.

Open: Mon-Sat :   9:00-19:00

Close: Sunday


Parking space

The parking space for one car is provided in front of the building.
In the below picutre, the parking space is the dotted yellow line on the ground.

Kirara Clinic is Room101 and Parking space
Kirara Clinic is Room101 and Parking space

Pastrale Matuyama Bld. Appearance
Pastrale Matuyama Bld. Appearance

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