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Author: Tsutomu Tomishima Kirara Acupuncture & Moxibustion Clinic, Sapporo Japan

Cure Depression

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An acupuncture needle injected into my hand Chap1 The story of depression from the beginning of the disease to the healing with the latest physiology and brain science.  

Brain Injury MRI of Depression Chap2 Contrary to popular belief, depression is caused by injury in the brain. In this story, I will be going into depth as to how depression is a form of brain injury.

Injured Almonds. The shape of the amygdala of the brain resembles an almond. Chap3 Stress creates injury in the amygdala of the brain, which becomes depression. Also, stress makes muscle stiffness in the body.

IFigure 1: Pine Needle. The shape of the Pain needle resembles an acupuncture needle. Chap3b Muscle Stiffness of the body is a memory of stress carved in the body. That bad memory can inhibit your recovery from depression.

Sites of neurogenesis in the human brain Chap4 We have all-purpose cells called neural stem cells. If you remove muscle stiffness by an acupuncture , those neural stem cells will grow healthily and fill in the injury in your brain.

Matsuzawa Method of brain imaging Chap5 Dramatic changes in the diagnosis of depression and schizophrenia will begin at the end of this year, 2021. The diagnosis will be changed to a more scientific one that emphasizes brain imaging results.


Author: Tsutomu Tomishima

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